Here is a collection of my best work I have done over the years


Anatomy Studys

This is a work in progress sculpt of a full figure that I am doing for Scott Eatons digital figure sculpture course. still adjusting forms and proportions. wicked course by the way

This is my torso study that I did in my first week.

Here is another version of my full figure sculpt with detailing on the face. still need to work on his hands and feet.

More refinement to the body and detailing of the hair.

Heres a test I did using keyshot

Male Sculpt Turn Table

Some more anatomy segments


Morgan Freeman Sketch

This is another portrait, of the actor Morgan Freeman. I still need to finish the cloths.

Eric Bibb Sketch

I did this sketch of an awesome guitarist called Eric Bibb, I went to see him in concert which inspired me to draw him as someone who I admire on guitar. It took about an hour in all to finish

Demon Sketch

This is a very old sketch I did. I have taken it into photoshop a done a quick grade and a vinette. I am looking to do more work on it soon.

2D Wips



Here is a quick anatomy study of the back and back of the arm.


some new character concepts I have been working on.

GuardCharacter_Concepts_002 GuardCharacter_Concepts_003

I had this idea floating around for the past week of this giant tangled type tree creature. I am going to add a druid in the middle of the scene as if he is a traveller got lost and stumbled upon this  wooden fellow. At the moment this is very rough work in progress but i will work on it more and eventually make it in 3D. DemonPosing_wip001 Been a long time since I have posted in my 2d wips but this is one new concept I  have been working on. My first try at adding textures to a drawing I did in my sketch book. SteveTheMarine_Wip_001Here is Steve, he is kind of a hill billy mechanic marine type of guy. Another little play around with textures and lighting in Photoshop.

Thailand Beach Night scene

Here is a photoshop painting that I have been working on lately. The reason for creating this image was to play around with colour and lighting to try and gain more experience in these areas.