Here is a collection of my best work I have done over the years


Real World Sculpts

My Pumpkin Sculpt

Last Halloween I decided to try my first attempt at a pumpkin sculpt as I had seen various awesome ones on the net.

I really enjoyed sculpting it but its kinda annoying when your sculpt starts to go mouldy.

It took around an hour and half to create.



This is a collection of images I have worked on for high-end clients


Anatomy Studys

This is a work in progress sculpt of a full figure that I am doing for Scott Eatons digital figure sculpture course. still adjusting forms and proportions. wicked course by the way

This is my torso study that I did in my first week.

Here is another version of my full figure sculpt with detailing on the face. still need to work on his hands and feet.

More refinement to the body and detailing of the hair.

Heres a test I did using keyshot

Male Sculpt Turn Table

Some more anatomy segments

UNSC Marine for Halo film Faith

This is a quick photoshop comp I did of a UNSC Marine from the halo games.


UNSC Marine Turn Table